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the WB and mommy blogging and also Detroit

May 31st, 2009 No comments

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Kelly at Kdidddy has a great recap of her recent trip to the (former) motor city, the glory, the tragedy, the vinyl, the husband, the house music, the to be continued, and the pictures.

OH and the writing. I’ve been reading way more ‘mommybloggers/parenting bloggers’ than usual recently because of a project I’m working on, and I’ve made an amazing discovery: lots of these people are writing their asses off. Writing WELL, I mean. Great story tellers. I can’t avert my eyes kind of story tellers.

What did I expect? I mean, I WAS an early mommyblogger before mommyblogging had a name, although the name itself isn’t one I would have self-selected because the term is a market segment, and I frequently avoid being segmented. I’ve spent so much in therapy dollars trying to integrate, after all.

So Kelly is one of these Really Good Writers Who Also Happens to Be A Mom (that’s my new proposed term for mommy bloggers by the way: RGWWAHTBAM. Deal with it.). However, she mentions not being able to write so much on her blog these days, a malady with which I’ve become (believe me I’ve read your emails) all too familiar.

That’s why it was great to read her Detroit post, which inspired me to post here YET AGAIN (nearing a record for the year).

As for the post itself, I cry when I think of Detroit. Really. Of all it was, is, and represents. It makes me think of the middle class genocide remark made by the ‘markets’ expert guy a couple of posts down. wtf. no really.

We have adam lamberts and chris whats his faces and legions of others who eat fresh meat of the love-art-industry of American music built in a city that has been desimated.

Accidental? Maybe not.

ADAM! ADAM! ADAM! really. white people. don’t get me started.

ANYWHOO this post was supposed to be about the writer’s block that Kelly is currently toying with deciding she has.

I know. I do know. I’ve been calling it menopause, but have also been waiting on hormone test results which will probably show I have years left of fertility and in fact actually have Mad Cow Disease.

But something is amiss – it’s not easy to write – it’s not as cathartic – it doesn’t seem necessary. SO many words and pixels flood the net. Lots of times I feel like I’m doing a disservice to add more.

NONETHELESS I just added some more, and thanks, Kelly, for the inspiration.

zomgz guess who made the atlanta women in social media lizt!?

May 26th, 2009 No comments

Thanks to Toby at Diva Marketing for including me in the who’s who of Atlanta-based social media consultants. Toby got to wondering where the women were and decided to answer the question herself. Of course, if I had made the list, she’d be at the top!

It’s been 2,033,911 Internet years since I made a list, so I’m stoked. Guess blogging isn’t dead after all! (cough)

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Everyone Using The Google

May 18th, 2009 No comments

I’ve had three experiences in the past week where normal people have talked to me about my online writing. By normal, I mean people that use the Internet, not people who write the Internet. In other words, not you people. Not the twittersphere or blogsphere regulars, but rather regular people who googled me.

OH I forgot to mention – they said nice things!

It was kind of freaky (guess what category THIS post is going in!) because I’m used to my meatspace (yeah, i hate the word too, but just go with me here) life invading my blogging time, but I’m not used to my blogging life interrupting my meatspace experience.

I think that means something. Something’s going on here with critical mass. Besides the Oprah-Twitter effect, I mean. And I have no clue what.

Nonetheless, Thanks for all the fish!

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Menopause Poster Woman

May 18th, 2009 No comments

Listen up. You all knew me across the blogs back in 01. I was 39. Now I’m approaching 50 – I’ll be 47 in June. Sure, it may be 8 years of blogging to you, but it’s two decades in brain-hormone-wtf-happened-to-me time. I think it’s menopause, and I’ll know for sure exactly how much or how little menopause, because I got a goodly amount of blood drawn today that will tell me exactly how fertile, infertile, feeble, and freaked out I am.

If my suspicion is confirmed, and the reason I have absolutely no memory, less patience, and the ability to confound my child with babble even I don’t understand, is given a name, I promise you this: I will blog my way through it. The good, the bad, and the hormonal. The shame, the aimless singing of single lines from songs no one knows, the searching for the thing I forgot three seconds after I searched of it three seconds ago. All of it.

I aim to be the Dooce of menopause, baby.

You can’t take it with you, so you might as well blog it.

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