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To Blog (Or Not To Blog)…

May 10th, 2012 No comments

I wrote To Blog or Not To Blog back in 2005 I think– just sent a note saying it was on their server with FTP capability and they don’t support that anymore. So I went ahead and updated it’s location.  Here’s a snippet:

It sounds obvious, but many corporations get it wrong. They create sites with a blog-like format but no personality. Their sites are updated frequently, but without identifying who the people posting are. Or, they are posted with intriguing thoughts and ideas, but don’t allow for public comments and discussion on the site. A sure way to drive readers away is to write a blog using a corporate voice rather than the discernible, unmistakable voice of a human being. The key to business blogging is that people—not the business—read, write, and respond. You can’t blog by Businesses can join the blogging movement in several ways.

First, they can develop an outward-facing corporate blog or internally-written employee blogs, which are supported by the organization to achieve specific results—whether those results are boosting the thought leadership of executives and employees to improve employee satisfaction and morale by giving employees a platform to exercise their voices, or to build better relationships through online conversations with customers and constituents.

Organizations may even choose not to blog at all from a corporate perspective, but to instead support and encourage employees in doing so on their own. Corporations are also using blogs internally to facilitate knowledge management, collaboration, customer relationship management, sales, and product development processes.

There are as many uses for blogs as there are people to write them.

But the point for business is: Conversations are already taking place among the millions of blogs that you can tap into. These conversations—about you, your industry, your company, your competitors, and your market—will occur whether you participate in them or not. Effective blogging will help you to participate in the kind of conversations that enhance your business, building relationships that make people want to do business with you.

A walk back in time, when the value of blogging was up for debate. Notsomuch anymore.

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Infographics – 21st Century Comics for Grown-Ups

May 10th, 2012 No comments

The rise of the infographic – those pictorial, USA-TODAY-resembling, visuals on steroids – are today’s comics for grown-up business people. Easy to digest, visually engaging, and soon to be downright annoying, look for infographics to add interactive and search capabilities and goodness knows what else. 😉

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