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As time to forgetfulness decreases …

May 7th, 2013 6 comments

…Time to remembering is on us.

Mobile blogging. I thought I was doing it ten years ago on my first edition sidekick phone, but looking back, that was anything but mobile blogging. That was when most of my thinking was done stationary. On the couch. At a desk. At a hotel. In the park. Sometimes in my agency cubical.

The intermittent moments were used to travel, navigate, and live life. Productive thought stopped in between those stationary destinations, where thinking was made concrete.

Then the evolution began.

15 years ago, telecommuting moms were the renegades. Even the breast pumping, work-attending moms hated us. But now they know we were on to something. We learned how to think and work within the white space. To create in the interim. To produce in motion.

12 years ago, bloggers put training wheels on and started living and relating and creating in the in-between. In between coffee breaks. In between commutes. In between relationships. In between sleep and wake.

We shaped this new hyperspace of ubiquitous thought. Some of us are still here. Too many friends are gone. For the here and the gone I am going to try. Try to fire up the ambient observations not just about social — that’s not what counts — but because of social.

Who knew WordPress had a blogging app anyway.

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