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Pretty Pretty Pinterest

Most people don’t know, but when Stewart and Caterina started Flickr, before they released it to the general public, some of us got to play with the beta version, which in retrospect reminds me (sort of) of pinterest today. In Flickr’s pre-light-of-dawn days, it allowed a stream of users to simultaneously watch one another share photos, as the sharer and the sharees (usually witty and sarcastic–remember, this was back when only goobers used social media) commented about them. I remember kittens, monkeys, and a pig shaped like something I probably can’t say here anymore.

Pinterest is like a grown up version of that old Flicker, mixed with social media commenting done right, meets consumerism, meets magazine, meets couponing, meets fine arts, meets education, with a dash of business marketing and PR (because you can’t keep brands off of these social tools today).

The demographics are fascinating. Social mouths posted an inforgraphic by modea that tells the story better than words can:


What I like best about Pinterest is the EXTREME attention to usability. I haven’t encountered a single glitch in building my pages. Another indication that social tools are growing up, taking care of bug fixes before release, not two versions down the road.

What I wish for is better integration of all my social spaces both inside my own brain and inside my browser.

In the mean time, I have to go check out the latest smoothie recipes. 😉

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